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23andMe and Rthm represent a few of the first movers...With Rthm, users are able to go one step further


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Time Life to your body's clock

We All Have One

Plants, animals, humans, and even individual cells have internal Body Clocks known as 'Circadian Rhythms'. These rhythms govern your brain, metabolism, and immune system. They're why you feel tired at night, and get jet lagged when you travel. 

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Keep A Strong Rhythm

Simply maintaining consistent sleep, wake, and eating patterns will prevent weight gain and chronic inflammation. Improve your Body Clock Score to Look Better, Think Sharper, and Stay On Point. 

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Smart Reminders

Based on your unique activity patterns, discover the best times to Eat, Focus, Exercise, and Sleep. You already know what you need to do, now you can know when to do it. 

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The World's Most Advanced Health Tracker Is Already In Your Pocket

DeepHeart Technology

With decades of published research and 1.8 million unique recordings, we designed DeepHeart- the world's first technology capable of instantly analyzing your heart health and nervous system using only your iPhone.

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Personalized Exercise Plans

Automatically track Steps, Distance Walked, and Calories Burned. Choose from goals like Weight Loss, Strength, or Fitness,  and get a personalized exercise plan. 

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Sleep Easy

Automatically track your sleep each night, and wake up at the right time with a circadian-based alarm. Simply follow your sleep recommendations for a healthier body composition and metabolism. 

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riDNA - Turn DNA insights into healthy decisions that make your body better.

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